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Deepstar - Technology Development for Deepwater Research

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We were unable to register you for this event as the event deadline has passed or the maximum number of seats available has been reached.  Please call Maria Mancilla 713-855-0578
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Chevron Bellaire - BAX Auditorium

4800 Fournace Place
Bellaire TX 77401 US
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Event Description

An initiative of the floating systems committee is the improvement of the riser analysis capabilities to improve the reliability of existing risers and enable ultra-deepwater designs. The current effort under the 9401 CTR focuses on providing high quality data sets to experts in VIV and software developers for the purpose of extracting key points regarding VIV physics, developing and validating computer programs for VIV fatigue analysis that incorporate physically accurate models and updating VIV design guidelines.

The objective of the workshop is to present the work conducted under the 9401 CTR and engage the community into a discussion to indentify needs for future work. Subject Mater Experts, analyst, project engineers, developers and academics will benefit from the work presented and discussions.  The workshop is divided into a morning and an afternoon session, with the morning session focusing on VIV physics targeting Subject Mater Experts, analyst, developers and academics. The afternoon session is focusing on VIV prediction capability and factors of safety, recommended for engineers and anyone interested in an overview of the VIV analysis status. 

Lunch will be provided for the participants of the morning session.

Morning presentation agenda (8:00 – 11:30)

·         Introduction and program overview

·         Analysis of DeepStar Miami experiments to understand VIV in shear currents

·         Drilling riser field data analysis

·         Benchmark dataset generation


Afternoon presentation agenda (12:30 – 4:00)

·         VIV prediction software benchmark studies against experiments

·         Factor of safety studies for VIV

·         VIV guidelines

·         Open discussion / workshop

Detail agenda will follow.......


 Event Contact

 Event Coordinator

Maria Mancilla Maria Mancilla
(713) 372-2777 (713) 372-2777

Chevron Bellaire - BAX Auditorium

4800 Fournace Place
Bellaire TX 77401 US
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